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Under a single banner, the company proudly provides a combination of services with luxury Real Estate, such as Property Location Selection, a Golden Visa Programme, Luxurious Properties, Luxury Construction/Renovation and Excellent Investment Services. With a focus on the client, it delivers personalised solutions that best suit their needs and offers them financial peace of mind. Our vision is simple: To deliver excellence and exceed expectations!

What makes us Unique

GoldenPropertiesGreece is not like any other Golden Visa company you know. Instead, it offers exceptional real estate investment opportunities alongside the Golden Visa programme in one of the world's leading tourism destinations. Based in Athens and London and with associates all over the world, we can find you a property or plot of land at your desired location in Greece and then renovate it or build it to your satisfaction. GoldenPropertiesGreece can support any type of investment, whether personal or business, from a small house/apartment to a luxury hotel.

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